12 Essentials to a Successful DCMA Contractor Purchasing System Review

Chase Kunk of Capital Edge Consulting has considerable industry and consulting experience in supporting organizations through the CPSR process. His approach to purchasing system compliance has always been “one size does not fit all;” rather, make the public laws and regulatory requirements work for your business model and processes. This practical approach has become the cornerstone of his reputation and yields positive results for contractors.With the benefit of his experience, he has identified 12 purchasing system essentials that every company must consider as they evaluate their system and prepare for their next CPSR.

Join Chase as he provides some ground-truth insight with 12 Essentials to a Successful DCMA Contractor Purchasing System Review. His observations on CPSRs include compliant system processes and documentation techniques critical to effective system output and, in turn, successfully passing a purchasing system review.
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A disapproved purchasing system:
  • Elevates advance notice and consent to subcontract requirements which may cause delivery and performance delays.
  • Impacts your competitive position–both writing to approved business systems and your overall evaluated price in proposals.
  • Influences Government-wide notification and resultant reaction by your procuring agency customers.
  • Is capable of causing an overall negative perception across your business systems and payment withholds, affecting cash flow.
“Knowledge is power” was a phrase first used by Sir Francis Bacon. Through his experience in navigating the government contracting space, Chase will provide you with the knowledge required to expertly prepare your business for the next CPSR, assuring you a greater chance of passing your next review.

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