Capital Edge Consulting to Support Business Development Initiatives in Guam During Military Buildup

Capital Edge Consulting Partners with Paulsen Productions – Guam Business Discovery to assist with business development initiatives in military buildup effort in Guam

Tysons Corner, VA and Hagåtña, Guam- April 27, 2017: Capital Edge Consulting is pleased to announce the formation of an exclusive arrangement with Paulsen Productions, Inc. to assist contractors and businesses of all sizes with business discovery and development initiatives on Guam in support of the significant military buildup effort currently underway and planned for the next several years.

The Department of Defense has committed to relocating approximately 5,000 Marines from Japan to Guam and is in the process of significantly expanding the infrastructure on Guam to accommodate these relocated Marines, families, and dependents. The DoD released $309 million in early December to fund initial projects to build a Marine Corps base in Guam. Infrastructure to support the transition will provide a great opportunity for local contractors and to Guam’s economic development. Total funds related to the build-up are currently capped at $8.7 billion and the project is slated to last several years.

“Capital Edge Consulting is pleased to support this business development initiative,” said Craig Stetson, Managing Director for Capital Edge, “Partnering with Paulsen Productions gives potential business owners the opportunity to truly explore all aspects of what doing business in Guam would mean for their company.”

Capital Edge Consulting’s role will be to break down and provide an understanding of the associated regulatory and accounting compliance obligations and risks associated with performance under U.S. government contracts.

Gerald Paulsen, President/CEO of Paulsen Productions said, “Paulsen Productions is excited about this dynamic unique partnership. Companies of all sizes will be able to take advantage of this unique business opportunity and the extensive resources available between Capital Edge and Paulsen Productions.” This is an unprecedented partnering of companies with the expertise to assist businesses with opportunities in Guam, the Marianas, federal contracting, and opportunities worldwide.

Paulsen Productions, Inc. has been the sole provider of business exploration and development trips from the mainland U.S. to Guam since 2009. Paulsen Productions will facilitate access to new markets, senior local business, military leaders, decision makers, and to potentially significant revenue opportunities.

Capital Edge and Paulsen Productions are collaborating on meetings and planning the next GovCon in Guam 2-day Seminar for fall 2017.


About Paulsen Productions – Guam Business Discovery

Paulsen Production’s Guam Business Discovery brings over 20 years of international business and consulting to its clientele through global business partnerships. The diversity of partnerships and contacts enables them to provide unprecedented access to new business opportunities in Guam and the Marianas. This uniqueness is just what organizations ranging in size from small to Fortune 100 supporting various industries, needs. The program supports organizations to not only understand the culture of the business space in the Pacific, but to be able to connect with senior leadership in the areas of federal contracting, local government contracting, and private sector.

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About Capital Edge Consulting

Capital Edge Consulting combines their unique backgrounds and experience in consulting, public accounting, industry, and DCAA to provide clients with unmatched government contracting expertise. This breadth of specialized experience enables us to provide the exact services and level of expertise federal government contractors need to succeed. Capital Edge Consulting provides custom-tailored consulting solutions to government contractors ranging in size from startup to Fortune 100 companies, in industries such as manufacturing, construction, transportation, nuclear energy, professional services, biotech/pharmaceuticals, defense, and software.


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