A few of the highlights:

1.  Net savings (not defined, but presumably dollars sustained by the CO) resulting from total audited dollars was $4.5B.  This represents about 2.5% of total audited dollars ($182.6B).  Total questioned costs related to the audited $182.6B were not specifically noted (it is unclear if the $10.7B (pg. 5) claimed as 2014 questioned costs relates only to 2014 dollars or if it includes prior years dollars as well).

2.  Total claimed return on investment is $6.89 for every $1.00 spent to fund the Agency.

3.  Total professional (auditors) headcount increased about 5% from FYE 2013.

4.  Total elapsed days (not defined) to complete an incurred cost proposal audit decreased from 1,090 in FY 2013 to 1,006 in FY 2014.  These days are measured from the point the incurred cost proposal is received by the DCAA to the date the corresponding report is issued.  So it takes about three years to complete these audits.

5.  Significant deficiencies and recommended actions to improve the audit process were noted and focused only on challenges faced by the DCAA during their audits; namely, i) limited contractor cooperation and access to ‘other than certified cost or pricing data’ in conjunction with their audits of commercial items, and ii) limited or denied access to contractor internal audit reports and employees.  No internal DCAA or performance matters were noted as potential improvement actions.

6.  An OPM federal employee survey indicates a high level of DCAA employee satisfaction with the Agency and DCAA ranked well above other federal agencies and the highest amongst all DoD subcomponent agencies.

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