Chase-KunkChase Kunk has considerable industry and consulting experience in supporting organizations through the CPSR process. His approach to purchasing system compliance has always been “one size does not fit all;” rather, make the public laws and regulatory requirements work for your business model and processes.  This practical approach has become the cornerstone of his reputation and yields positive results for contractors.
Steve Brander has more than 20 years of GovCon experience and a successful track record in designing effective technology business solutions. He is an industry leader in designing compliant ERP and business intelligence solutions for complex government contractors.
Join Chase and Steve as they “Demystify the CPSR” with an informative discussion with answers to questions like:
  • Can you describe the Government’s evaluation of a purchasing system?
  • We hear about FAR Part 44 as the go-to-regulation.  Are there other regulations of value to this process?
  • How far in advance of the CPSR is the contractor notified that a CPSR has been scheduled and, more importantly, can contractors realistically prepare within that timeframe?
  • Can you tell us a little bit about the actual onsite CPSR activities that traditionally occur?
  • What are some of the CPSR findings contractors’ encounter?
  • What tip or tips do you have for contractors as they evaluate their purchasing system and prepare for their next CPSR?


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