Soldiers’ Angels – Baby Brigade – Volunteer Initiative

Our team members Jennifer Rettelle and Renata Walsh are regular supports of Soldiers’ Angels – Baby Brigade, formerly called Operation Top Knot.  This team of Angel volunteers from across the country provide virtual baby showers for military families to help ease the emotional and financial stresses of military life.

Due to the difficulty of deployments that coincide with the birth of a child, Baby Brigade is primarily focused on serving expectant spouses of deployed service members, spouses of deployed service members who have given birth in the past year, and expectant active duty female service members.

Dedicated Team Angels purchase or handmake baby items to help the military families prepare for their new little bundle of joy.  Each participating expectant family receives a collection of baby shower gifts from Team Angels across the country.  Depending on the needs of the family, gifts may include baby gear, diapers, clothes, toys, handmade blankets, and more.

Do you know a military family Soldiers’ Angels Baby Brigade should help? To receive Baby Brigade support, a family must: 1) Have a deployed parent or be an active duty female service member AND 2) be expecting a child OR have a child under the age of one.

Do you want to get involved?  Check out Soldiers’ Angels for more information. Click here to get started!


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