Section 809 Panel,

The 809 Panel January 2018 Volume 1 Report Released

The 809 Panel released  Volume 1 Report

THE SECTION 809 PANEL’S VOLUME 1 REPORT is the first of three volumes and continues the panel’s mandate for making recommendations to streamline acquisition. To date, the efforts of the panel have proven highly productive, and outreach efforts continue to generate hundreds of ideas for improving acquisition that the panel is diligently investigating. The May 2017 Section 809 Panel Interim Report provided three statutory recommendations that were all enacted into law in the FY 2018 NDAA. Through these actions, Congress demonstrated its willingness to expedite the panel’s recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the DoD acquisition process. In the coming months, the panel will continue to be a partner to Congress, DoD, and industry in support of further efforts to streamline acquisition to better enable DoD to meet its strategic warfighting goals. One key area of work for the Section 809 Panel is the conceptualizing of a Dynamic Marketplace framework—an outcome-based acquisition process for providing DoD simplified access to the global marketplace. The panel’s research shows that the current acquisition process is an obstacle to DoD’s ability to access a marketplace that has moved far beyond the traditional defense industrial base of the Cold War era. Accordingly, the Section 809 Panel has started to develop a new framework that can harness the benefits from the global marketplace of ideas, solutions, products, and services at a speed that is closer to real-time than the current acquisition process allows (see the Volume 1 Report for details). The Volume 1 Report contains recommendations to update the process by which DoD acquires IT business systems, to streamline DoD’s cumbersome auditing requirements, to address challenges in how the small business community and DoD interact, to update commercial buying, to clarify the definition of personal and nonpersonal services, to remove statutory requirements for 13 acquisition-related DoD offices, and to repeal 20 acquisition-related statutory reporting requirements. In all cases, the Section 809 Panel has laid out the rationale for change, and followed up with specific, actionable, statutory and regulatory language.

Read full reports online:

Volume 1 Report

Volume 1 Summarized Recommendations


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