Section 809 Panel,

The 809 Panel June 2018 Volume 2 Report Released

The 809 Panel released June Volume 2 Report

This Volume 2 Report builds on the Section 809 Panel’s previous policy recommendations by offering an introductory paper on the tenets of a viable defense acquisition system aimed at improving the existing over-managed system to more readily meet warfighter needs. This report represents an overview of the state of the system now and offers a vision for the future. It will also guide the panel’s specific recommendations for a new defense acquisition vision cemented around portfolio capabilities and tools and resources designed to empower users and product owners to manage programs more effectively, which will be published in Volume 3. Volume 2 also contains recommendations related to the acquisition workforce, commercial source selection, the Cost Accounting Standards Board, and services contracting as well as further discussion of the Dynamic Marketplace concept and a section on decluttering Title 10 of the U.S Code.

Read full reports online:

Volume 2 Report

Volume 2 Summarized Recommendations


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