Virtual Training Options for Government Contractors

In an effort to support virtual training you can attend from any location, our experts offer extensive training options for Government Contracting professionals via the web with some of the industry’s leading training organizations. 

Below are some of the courses – stay tuned as we expand our offerings in the coming weeks.

Please see below and our Monthly calendar for courses and contact us if we can assist with scheduling training personalized for you or your organization.

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Procurement Compliance: Successfully Balancing Efficiency and Risk.

Did you know that grantees can recoup overhead and administrative costs on federal contracts?  Do you know how the Uniform Guidance makes it possible—and how you can recover this additional funding?

Unfortunately, many federal grant recipients don’t know. They leave funding to which they’re entitled on the table. As competition for awards intensifies and funding levels shrink, it’s crucial to recover every dollar available to your organization.

Join us and learn where to start.

Procurement University- Government Contract Accounting and Pricing Foundation - 2020 Series

Join Federal Publications Seminars and Capital Edge Consulting for our fourth year of Procurement University–a comprehensive 9-part series of online classes covering the critical elements of accounting and pricing of Federal Government contracts. At the completion of the 9 sessions, you should be able to demonstrate core concepts of the requirements for cost accounting and pricing of different contract types, and the associated compliance and DCAA audit oversight. 

Did you know that all non-Federal entities seeking federal grants must now have a compliant procurement system in operation for fiscal years beginning on or after December 26, 2017?!

The Procurement Standards for Grantees Boot Camp will get you and your team up-to-speed on specific procurement techniques and what organizations must do to remain compliant.

This is an On Demand workshop that will get you and your team up-to-speed on specific procurement techniques. 

Procurement Compliance: Successfully Balancing Efficiency and Risk.

Procurement continues to be a high risk compliance area for Federal grantees. It has proven difficult for many organizations to find the perfect balance between efficiency and risk. Are you sure you’re fully in step with the policies—and methods—auditors will want to see?

In this 90-minute webinar, Dan Durst— an expert on federal grant and contract accounting and compliance—updates you on the requirements grant recipients must meet in 2020.


Common Preparation Pitfalls with the Final Indirect Cost Rate Proposal
The requirement to submit a final indirect cost rate proposal, more commonly referred to as the “Incurred Cost Proposal or Incurred Cost Submission (ICS)” is contained in FAR clause 52.216-7(d)(2)(i) – Allowable Cost and Payment. It states, “The contractor shall submit an adequate final indirect cost rate proposal to the contracting officer (or cognizant federal agency official) and auditor within the 6-month period following the expiration of each of its fiscal years.”

For many contractors, the deadline for the next Incurred Cost Proposal is June 30th. Experts recommend getting started soon, to be sure that you have adequate time to prepare the submission. Are you ready?

Join Incurred Cost Submission expert, Chad Braley as he shares insight into some of the most common pitfalls
Preparing for an Incurred Cost Submission

The Incurred Cost Submission is daunting and can be very confusing for contractors because of its complexity and the number of schedules and forms. Not only that, there are sensitive audit issues as well as a host of other issues such as executive compensation and rate calculations that impact your submission.
Presented by Chad Braley of Capital Edge Consulting, this webinar is a discussion on the Incurred Cost Submission including the format, the requirements, the schedules and the all-important ICS due date. 

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