Your Guide to DCMA’s Small Business Subcontracting Program Compliance Review

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Unlock the key to compliance excellence with Capital Edge's Guide to Defense Contract Management Agency's (DCMA's) Small Business Subcontracting Program Compliance Review. Learn about the DCMA Form 640 Review, eligibility criteria, preparation strategies, and evaluation processes that are crucial for your business's success.

In this guide, Capital Edge's Chase Kunk and Will Jeffers, provide expert knowledge and insight to ensure your business is prepared to navigate the DCMA Form 640 Review.

Learning Objectives of this guide include:

  • Is my organization eligible for a DCMA 640 Review?
  • What is a DCMA Form 640 Review and who performs it?
  • How does a Contractor know that they will have a DCMA 640 Review?
  • What type of data does DCMA require prior to the 640 Review?
  • What is entailed in the process that the DCMA and Contractor go through during the 640 Review itself?
  • What are the rating levels that DCMA may assign to the Contractor after the 640 Review is concluded?
  • What advantages can my organization expect if our next 640 Review goes well? And what are the consequences if it does not go well?
  • How can I prepare for the 640 Review?

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