CPSR Audit & Compliance

Our CPSR Audit services including bringing together a team of top government contract consultants who are subject matter experts committed to helping you prepare for your next contractor purchasing system review (CPSR). Our teams will help you make sure that you secure approved contractor purchasing systems and maintain CPSR Compliance.

Our approach to contractor purchasing system compliance has always been “one size does not fit all”; rather, make the public laws and contractual and regulatory requirements work for your business operations and existing internal processes and practices. This practical approach has become the cornerstone of our reputation and yields positive results for contractors. We can help you prepare while remaining operationally efficient and customer focused.

Our ability to provide customer satisfaction in an ever-changing regulatory environment and unstable CPSR-centric landscape can largely be attributed to one single factor – our people. Capital Edge is unique in the market in that our solution includes former DCMA CPSR Group personnel, including a former Group Director and procurement analysts, DCMA Administrative Contracting Officers, and procurement experts who were previously responsible for CPSR compliance while working for major industry players serving DoD, the Intelligence Community and Civilian agencies.

This blend of fully dedicated CPSR experts and their collective experiences ensure the critical perspectives – the Government reviewer, system approval authority and the Federal procurement practitioner – are available for the benefit of our clients.

Understanding a subset of our employees previously developed the CPSR criteria with DCMA and assisted in the creation of critical tools for DCMA use both during purchasing system reviews and in their FAR Part 44-required system surveillance, and combined with our additional in-house experts previously serving as “real-world” procurement leaders responsible for ensuring CPSR compliance and the approval of former employers’ purchasing systems, Capital Edge is the market leader in CPSR readiness and ongoing system compliance for Federal contractors.

Capital Edge’s contractor purchasing system review (CPSR) compliance services are wide-ranging and highly customizable to meet the requirements, constraints and goals of each client. The following is a representative sample of some of the CPSR solutions we have provided to our clientele:

    • Federal Purchasing System Gap Analyses
    • Remedial Action Plan Development and Implementation
    • Federal Procurement Policies and Procedures
    • Federal Procurement Forms and Checklists
    • Federal Procurement Compliance Training
    • On-Demand Advisory Support Services
    • Internal Review Tools and Outsourced Support
    • Comprehensive Procurement File Remediation
    • Procurement File Remediation Advisory Support
    • DCMA CPSR Risk Assessment Advisory Support
    • DCMA CPSR Questionnaire Response Advisory Support
    • Final CPSR Preparation and Rehearsals Support
    • Onsite Liaison Support with the DCMA CPSR Team
    • DCMA CPSR Report Analysis and Response Development
    • Post-CPSR Corrective Action Plan Development, Presentation and Implementation
    • Post-CPSR Corrective Action Validation
    • Federal Purchasing System Compliance Monitoring

Why should my company remain committed to Federal purchasing system compliance?

    • Are you discussing the Government’s proposal evaluation/source selection factors tied to purchasing system requirements during your “go/no go” bid and Probability of Win (“Pwin”) meetings?
    • Do you know the vast majority of requirements evaluated in a CPSR are contractual obligations imposed by Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) and other agency clauses expressly incorporated into your contracts?
    • Are you subject to recurring and burdensome advance notice and consent to subcontract requirements? And are these requirements impacting timely performance and delivery and causing less than favorable past performance evaluations by your customers?
    • Is FAR 52.244-2 incorporated into one or more of your contracts? This clause expressly reserves the Government’s right to review your federal purchasing system.
    • Do you have one or more contracts with DFARS 252.244-7001? Among other critical elements, this clause defines “significant deficiency” and requires the contracting officer to impose payment withholds if the system is disapproved.
    • Has the Defense Contract Audit Agency, Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) or other cognizant agency conducted audits or reviews of your proposals and/or other business systems? Have these agencies mentioned a concern during those audits and an association of the concern to your purchasing system?

CPSR Training

To the right-hand side, you will find some upcoming training courses and thought leadership. If you’d like to learn more about our approach, experiences, and solutions, we hope to see you at one of the following training sessions or contact us directly.

To speak to one of our CPSR experts, contact us:
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