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ERP Implementation Services

Partner with highly experienced ERP consultants for the implementation of your ERP system

Capital Edge’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation Services team completes multiple ERP implementations each year, collecting and applying best practices, lessons learned, and templatized documentation. Our ERP Implementation Services team works across a large variety of ERP systems enabling us to help you select the system that is best for your business’ needs and requirements.

Our ERP Implementation Services team provides expert leadership through the entire ERP lifecycle from planning through go-live and beyond to upgrades, health checks, and evolving existing systems. Capital Edge’s ERP Implementation Services team is comprised of leaders from highly regulated industries who have led dozens of successful system implementations resulting in streamlined and efficient business processes, harnessing the power of ERP data through reports, dashboards, and trend analysis, and happy, productive stakeholders.

Outcomes a successful ERP Implementation:

  • Business Visibility through data insights
  • Increase productivity
  • Streamlined, efficient processes
  • Compliance
  • Sped and agility
  • Automation
  • Cost savings
  • Returns on investment
  • Better access controls and Security

Ensuring ERP Implementation Success


Capital Edge’s ERP Implementation Services team is skilled at planning for the organizational transformation required for a successful ERP implementation beginning with developing the business case and risk assessment required for senior-level communication, authorization, and support. The business case is constructed based on benchmarked templates which are tailored to your company’s needs, current state, and future state vision.

The business case includes documentation of an implementation project governance model, resource plan, scope document detailing in and out-of-scope systems and processes, a draft schedule, a deployment roadmap, and notional system architecture. Capital Edge’s ERP Consulting Services team can also provide a risk assessment based on the current state, future state vision, and business case discovery information. This risk assessment leverages many lessons learned from scores of ERP implementations.

Once the business case is documented and senior leadership is on board with the plan, budget, and expected return on investment, our ERP implementation firm will work with functional subject matter experts in finance, accounting, procurement, human resources, information technology, contracts, project management, business development, manufacturing and other stakeholders to tailor the catalog of potential ERP system requirements to your company’s business needs. This catalog lists common requirements based on highly regulated industries like federal contractors and grant recipients.

Capital Edge’s ERP consulting services are experienced across the full spectrum of ERP systems, frequently integrated ancillary systems, and system implementation partners. Capital Edge has no financial interest in any of the systems, ensuring that the solution selected for your implementation is the one that best serves your company and your customers. Being well-versed in the variety of available enterprise business systems means that we know the market space well and can provide quick insights and feature comparisons between tools.

Capital Edge Consulting provides additional services. Please ask for more detail about:

  • Change management Audit Preparation
  • Compliance & Controls
  • Cutover Preparation
  • Training
  • System Health Checks
  • Policy & Procedures

Since Capital Edge’s ERP Implementation Service team has led many ERP system and integrator procurements, we also have templatized Request for Proposal (RFP) documentation to help expedite the complex procurement process leveraging the requirements tailored to your organization created during the Planning phase of the project. Our templates continually improve and evolve as we apply lessons learned in the implementation process to the planning and procurement processes.

Capital Edge’s ERP Implementation Service team can help you structure your RFP, system demonstrations, and evaluations to ensure selection of the system that is the best fit for your organization and contractual structures that best fit your unique situation. In addition, our knowledge of the market, players, and systems will aid your company through the negotiation process leveraging our expertise and lessons learned from prior procurements.

Capital Edge's Enterprise Resource Planning team incorporates next generation solutions to help clients streamline business processes. 


ERP Implementation Services

Capital Edge’s ERP Implementing Services team excels in the overall program management of an ERP Implementation orchestrating not only the implementation of the new system, but also the required process re-engineering, organizational change management, stakeholder communications, and overall program governance and oversight.

Once the ERP system and technical system integration team is selected, the package assembled during the planning phase is updated with additional detail and fidelity. This updated package serves as the program baseline. 

Capital Edge’s ERP Implementation Services team focuses the company’s functional experts on process improvements to improve efficiency, reduce pain points, maximize the out-of-the-box system functionality, harness the power of the data for business decisions, and bringing people along with the upcoming changes through participation, decision-making, and communications.

Did you know that Capital Edge can apply the same insights for ERP implementations to any of your Enterprise? The includes:

Implementation Program Management
Process Improvement
BI and Reporting
Compliance Assistance

Capital Edge’s ERP Implementation Services team will also focus on Business Intelligence and reporting by starting the report planning process early, maximizing use of the out-of-the box reports, and prioritizing data, dashboards, and reports needed for quick insights and decision making. Upfront planning for business intelligence ensures that critical reporting functionality is available when the system goes live. Real-time, on demand reporting is often a game-changer for a company increasing business velocity and agility as well as improving data-driven decision-making.

Most importantly, the Capital Edge’s ERP Implementation Services program manager will apply lessons learned and best practices in critical areas like data conversion, system testing, planning for system go-live and hypercare, and managing the backlog of features and reports in the days and months after the system goes live.

Capital Edge’s ERP Implementation Service expertise stems from our deep knowledge in our foundational service offerings including:

Navigate ERP Implementations with ease.


ERP Implementation Summary

Capital Edge’s ERP Implementation Services team has the expertise and experience to lead your company’s ERP System implementation. Our ERP Implementation Services team works across the breadth of the market: systems, implementation partners, and ancillary systems. Our ERP Implementation Services team has a library of research, data, comparisons, templates, and models based on lessons learned and best practices across heavily regulated industries.

We have seasoned leaders and program managers as well as a deep bench of experience in Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, and compliance. Finally, our team comes with professionals to aid in process improvement and business intelligence, enhancing the selected system with refined processes and well-trained people to deliver the return on investment in efficiency, productivity, fast, agile business decisions, and delighted customers.

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