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There are many challenges a contractor faces when moving from the commercial marketplace to the government market—such as space contractors that launch and manage satellites for communication and global positioning. We have helped many companies make this transition successfully. For example, demonstrating commercial pricing becomes difficult if the product or service the contractor is offering is close to—but not the same—product or service offered to the commercial marketplace. In these instances, we have been able to help the contract use “of a type” logic to substantiate the price offered to the government.
Organizations in this sector do everything from manufacturing sophisticated weapon systems to performing background investigations. We work with these companies to develop and validate the systems and processes they need to ensure they can deliver their products and services the nation needs on time and within budget. At the same time, we ensure the companies comply with applicable rules, regulations and standards.
We have a great deal of experience in assisting contractors in the energy field. The types of work these contractors perform include site cleanup and decontamination, construction of hazardous material warehouses, research and development of new technologies, transportation and disposal of hazardous waste and other energy related projects. Energy contractors often have complex contracts that include features that require diligence in execution, such as incentive provisions that may be structured to encourage early completion or reduction in cost. We can help ensure that the contractor has the tools necessary to manage the contract in a way that ensures the incentivized tasks are the tasks that the company focuses on.
Increases in health care spending are accompanied by increases in government oversight. This additional oversight—combined with expanded rules, regulations and standards—is causing the health care field to become sensitive to the need to comply with applicable regulations to avoid penalties and fines. At Capital Edge, we’ve worked with health care providers serving the military market through Tricare, with those serving the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and with those serving the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. We understand the specialized requirements of these agencies—and know how to position contractors to help them execute their contracts successfully.
Information Technology (IT) service providers face unique contracting requirements. For example, an IT contractor’s people may be assigned to work at a customer’s location where the customer provides support. This provides challenges in determining the cost to provide those staff members to the customer. IT contractors may also encounter contracts that incorporate requirements of the Service Contract Act, which introduces unique cost accounting challenges. At Capital Edge, we help IT companies establish the infrastructure they need to aggressively pursue contracts incorporating the Service Contract Act, where the contractor’s staff is performing part or all of the work at a site other than the contractor’s location.