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Enterprise Systems

We can help you improve your processes, realize faster return on investment, and mitigate implementation risk.

Profitability in a highly regulated industry requires efficient and effective processes and enterprise systems to deliver automation, required reporting, and a single source of auditable truth for company data.  As corporations grow and adapt to changing market conditions and technology evolves, enterprise systems must be upgraded, updated, or replaced.  Major changes like this to foundational enterprise systems is a significant investment requiring high-level leadership support due torisk potential of cost overruns, noncompliance, and inoperative business function.  Companies go through these major changes only once every decade or two, and thus have few employees with critical experience, knowledge of best practices and lessons learned, or knowhow to drive successful execution.

Capital Edge’s team completes multiple enterprise system upgrades and implementations each year, collecting and applying best practices and lessons learned.  We assess current state systems and processes, provide insights on system requirements or architecture, and assist with the procurement process for both the system and the implementer, with no financial incentives toward any particular system or implementer, allowing us to identify the best solutions for your business. We provide leadership throughout the planning, implementation, and stabilization phases of the new system with a focus on delivering a seamless transition.

Our experienced team is comprised of former leaders from highly regulated industries with unmatched skills in enterprise system transformations.  Capital Edge’s approach focuses on the pillars of successful enterprise system outcomes: process improvement, data conversion and validation, change management, and reporting; all of which lead to enhanced return on investment and mitigation of implementation risk. 

 Our Enterprise Systems Support Solutions Include:

  • Assessment of current state systems and processes
  • Upgrade or implementation planning for new enterprise systems
    • System requirements
    • Architecture
  • Process improvement strategy
  • Procurement expertise: Request for Information, Request for Quotation, Demonstrations, Negotiation, and Award
    • System acquisition
    • Implementer acquisition
  • Project Management, governance, and leadership through the implementation process
  • Development of Business Case
  • Team Selection, Alignment, Leadership Support, and Change Management
  • Business Intelligence, Reporting, and Dashboarding
  • Implementation lifecycle management: Design, Build, Validate, Go-Live, and Hypercare
  • Expertise in data conversion and data validation
  • System training
  • Post-Go-Live support including stabilization, prioritization, continuous improvement, automation, and metrics

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